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Heal Your Soul

You have been guided to 'Heal your Soul' with an Energy Healing.

You are at Reiki with Zen to nourish and cherish your being.

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Heal Your Soul

Release Negative Emotions

Reiki healing can help release negative emotions which can be described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad.

Negative emotions can dampen our enthusiasm for life, depending on how long we let them affect us and the way we choose to express them.

Reiki Healing will release all these negative energies and help you to enjoy your daily life.

Release Emotions

Find Your Inner Peace

Deep, calm, awareness is within all of us.

What you resist, persists.

Access your inner peace when you experience a Reiki with Zen.

Enjoy "Distant Reiki Healing" during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Distant Reiki Healing

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Reviews & Testimonials

I had a Reiki Healing Session and Aura Reading Session with Jenny and it was an amazing experience. Jenny has a beautiful soothing energy and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. After the Reiki session I was very relaxed and emotionally light. Thank you Jenny for all the insight and helping me better understand what energy I carry and present to others.

Flora, Yoga Instructor

When you turn to Jenny for a reading you will receive an emotional experience unlike anything else. Jenny will give you answers and insight you had never anticipated and guide you with a firm hand through any worries or problems with lots of love and honesty for your highest good.

Katja, Clairvoyant Medium & Healer

Jenny provided a Mediumship
Reading for me. She was good, calm, in a zone. Jenny focused on one person that came through and gave evidence through describing person and picture of who that was, their work, their message. I found value in the reading. I was provided with guidance in terms of "writing", that has come through for me in prior mediumship readings. I will get onto that!

Narelle, Reiki & Seichim Master Teacher

My name is Ella.  When my Mum came home last night, she showed me the Somnum™ product. I was eager to try it out, and I am pleased to say that it works like a charm! Recently, have had troubles sleeping and have been worried about it, but when I tried Somnum™, I had the best sleep that I have had in ages!!! When we run out, I will definitely buy more!

Ella, Year 7 Student

Jenny has a rare gift as a clear evidential Medium, with the ability to see Spirit in a physical form.  Jenny connects with love and integrity to Spirit and delivers accurate messages. From my personal experience, I highly recommend Jenny, for an honest, factual reading filled with Divine truth and guidance.

Nantah Ensom - Intuitive, Teacher, Healer, Author

It was very nice.

Vishal, IT Consultant

It is my pleasure to recommend the service of Reiki With Zen.
After a phone summary interview by Jenny of Reiki with Zen, I arrived at the premises as an emotional wreck. I found Jenny listening to my story and showing her professional skills without being judgmental and compassionate to my situation.
Jenny outlined a Reiki course which we immediately started.
My final Reiki session was something that I had never experienced. The result was my discovery of myself and releasing my problem, and I was transformed in my thinking of self, patterns of behaviour.
I have become more decisive in what I want and have the energy to achieve my goals. My sleep pattern has returned thanks to Jenny's products for calming and sleep.
A big thank you to Reiki with Zen and a special thank you to Jenny.

Theo Magoulas

I had an Aura reading and Reiki session with Jenny .
It was a Wonderful uplifting and enlightening experience.
The stress from the worries of the world left my body. I felt as if I had been reborn.
Such a sense of calm cane across me that is indescribable.
I would recommend that anyone interested should make an appointment with Jenny.
You will not regret it.

Peter Coulis

I was instantly drawn in and fascinated by Jenny’s charisma. I had a Reiki Healing for the first time. I felt warmth, pressure in my tummy and then I felt light weight. I apparently fell asleep during my reiki session but had no recollection of this. I felt refreshed and energised afterwards. I then had an Aura reading (which was amazing) and it definitely left me feeling completely whole and rejuvenated. Thank you, Jenny!

Arina Bukovsky, Beauty Therapist


Jenny is wonderful and very patient. She is intensely compassionate and empathic. Thank you for making my life better with your healing. She is a God's gift.

Devleena - Calculations Officer

I had an amazing reiki experience! Thank you :)

Sheri - Mobile Coffee Barista

This was my first experience of an aura reading and reiki with Reiki with Zen. I found it very relaxing and helpful with the migraines I was experiencing at the time. Jenny is an amazing Healer.


I really liked my reiki healing for the reason being is because all my life I've always been hard on my self and being emotionally, I felt the hurt and pain. I think that's the best I can explain. Thankyou 

Tama - Miner

Was in depth and I felt amazingly relaxed afterwards. I would love to have another session.

Pip - Nurse

I am so thankful I discovered Somnum, I received it a few months ago I have not slept through the night in years, I had to get up 4 to 6 times a night and from the first night I tried this oil I was able to sleep right through the night. I couldn’t believe it and every night I used it I continued to sleep through the night and remember my dreams. Thank you so much Jen ❤️❤️❤️

Lisa - Chef

Somnum is a great product for calming and sleep. Absolutely love the scent, that elusive, rather than obtrusive, just that whiff, enough to work it’s magic on your olfactory. Totally, love the roller, a convenient and handy product to carry round ready to roll anytime and use throughout whenever you need that hint of calm!

Shirley - Professional Director/Non-Executive Director

Hello! Hope you are doing well! The feeling and energy was great and I am little relaxed. Will contact you back for the next session. 


Jenny is a gift from God, a beautiful person & was a great help on my first Reiki visit. With a warm welcome, friendly personality my experience was awesome & healing. She's a great listener & genuinely shows empathy. Leaving the session I felt happily enlightened, rejuvenated & most of all grounded. Definitely planning my next opportunity to visit.

Knowing our life's future holds mystery through unanswered questions, Jenny's blessings will give you the confidence in staying present & believing that your answers will shine naturally through the chaos & beauty that your Journey may bring as life unfolds itself one day at a time.

If you're thinking or even questioning yourself on paying a visit, don't hesitate & go.

Fury Suaalii - Warehouse Manager


Gorgeous location for a meaningful journey with Jenny. She is kind, down to earth and very talented. Highly recommend Jenny.

Nikki Ali - Finance

I came across Jenny via a Google search whilst researching Reiki.

I didn’t know what the session would be like. I found Jenny on our initial face to face meeting very approachable, friendly, kind and someone that could listen without judgement.

Like many of us our journey is different so we may need more or less But after my first session of Chakra balancing I had immediately booked a second session with Jenny.

My first session was at the end of Sept 2022 and I am only doing my review now as needed time to process. I am work in progress but I must say Jenny had reached out to check on me and offered words of comfort that I didn’t expect as this was in her own time.

I am looking forward to my next session. Thank-you Jenny – Reiki With Zen for your help.

Roz Mac

Very polite and definitely knows what’s she is doing highly recommend.

Seema Banger

Hi Jen

The Reiki was amazing as usual.

Just battling outside noise that I can’t help right now.

But I feel clear today :) Thank you for all your assistance. 

Tina - CEO

I had the most amazing experience with Jenny. She’s so nice and just made my whole experience so wonderful. I felt like I had such a great healing session thank you so much!

Guiding Intuition

Reiki with Zen - Jenny was such an extraordinary experience. I was able to release years and years of built up negative energy and come through with a renewed positive energy that has already impacted my life significantly. Will definitely be back for another session.

Mark Vaughan

Jenny is a gifted Reiki healer. I received a good healing with a feeling of deep relaxation after the session. Highly recommended!!

Himanshu Ghildiyal

I had my first ever Reiki experience with Jenny today and it was absolutely wonderful. I walked away feeling so much lighter and feeling very positive about the future. Jenny is absolutely divine. She listens, is attentive and has a warm genuine nature that is quite uplifting. To anyone who is curious about Reiki, I recommend booking in a session - I promise you will not be disappointed. I will definitely be booking in another - thank you so much Jenny! ❤️


Jenny, Thank you so much for today. Your warm and very generous time with me today was a very special experience for me.

Not only did I feel much clearer in my head space I can feel my body responding to your magic skill of reiki.

You are a truly beautiful person & I believe you are in the right field of helping people.

Your empathy & caring nature was truly genuine and I’m looking forward to returning🙏

Cam Tang


I recently had a Reiki session with Jenny. I felt really acknowledged and heard. The session was really nurturing and I nearly fell asleep due to being so relaxed and safe. I'm usually very alert. I will definitely be back and encourage you if you feel called to healing. Brenda

Brenda Gaynor - Buisiness Coach/NLP Practioner

HI Jenny,

I am feeling good! Feel lighter and more positive! Definitely was yawning a lot yesterday and had a good sleep! Thank you so much, Jenny!

Tammy - Senior Operations Manager